Charles Gretton

A unique and extraordinary 11″ marquetry long case clock signed on the chapter ring.


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201.5 cm. high, 5 pillar movement, count wheel strike, base panel inlaid St.George and the dragon, top panel two gentlemen in period costume.

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Short bio of Charles Gretton.

B.c. 1649, apr. June 1662 to Humfrey Downing till 1670. Freed 1672 took many famous future clockmakers on as apprentices. Said to have worked at the Ship, Fleet Street. In 1683 still in Fleet Street and in 1685 was ‘in Fleet Street over against Sergeants Inn Gate. Thought to be still working until 1733. Work known – a prolific worker by whom watches, lantern clocks, longcase clocks and bracket clocks known. Signed variously as ‘Charles Gretton, London’, ‘Charles Gretton in Fleet Street’ and ‘Carolus Gretton in Fleet Street Londini fecit.



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